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Straight wedding dresses with photos of our collectionStraight wedding dresses with photos of our collection

In order to be able to for some criteria to classify dresses for brides, they are divided according to the silhouettes. One of the most popular in recent years become straight wedding dress, also known as the dresses with the silhouette of "fish" or "mermaid". It has underestimated waist skintight hip and extends from the knee to the bottom.

This dress is suitable for most all girls with a good figure - all of your dignity will be underlined and disadvantages are securely hidden. This silhouette of the dress allows you to focus on the delicate line of hips, waist and bust of luxury. Even if your figure and has some drawbacks, with the dress "mermaid", you can cleverly hide it.

But in order to wear the dress of the cut is not enough just to have a beautiful figure and perfect proportions. Bride to be confident and self irresistibility at 100%, because this dress attracts views and makes everyone around without stopping to look at you. If you have even the slightest complexes regarding their appearance in this dress the bride you will feel very uncomfortable.

It is important that the dress was perfectly tailored fit. Just when it looks like a second skin of its owner, you will be able to look really perfect. Growth for this model wedding dress does not matter - as the dress will fit remarkably high girls and brides with little growth.

There are plenty of models silhouette "fish", which differ from each other design options neckline, sleeves and skirts. If you have perfect skin and magnificent breasts - safely choose the right wedding dress with strapless neckline. It is also a wonderful option would be to dress, closed the front, but has a deep cut on the back.

The skirt of the wedding dress can be executed above or below the knee, have a larger or smaller volume and plume of different lengths. Materials for direct wedding dress can be very different, but in recent years become the most popular model, trimmed with lace.

These dresses favorably differs from others in that it allows a wide variety of accessories. In this dress every bride would look elegant, delicate, fragile princess, which should be protected and wear on your hands.

On our site you can buy the latest and stylish lines of wedding dresses at wholesale prices. Actual collection of this season, the best materials and a wonderful breed will delight any, even the most finicky bride.

Straight wedding dressesStraight wedding dressesStraight wedding dresses


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